Broadband & Internet

Need a new Broadband Provider ?

Our broadband is built on the backbone of Zen's reliability and superb service, which provide rapid download and upload speeds paired with our swift support through our professional technicians who are willing to help no matter the issue.

Switch-Off Ready Broadband

In 2025, BT will be phasing out their traditional phone networks. With our broadband, we will swap you over to a 'switch off ready' method of connectivity.

VOIP Telephone Line

You can pair our VoIP line with our broadband to ensure clear, future proof business calls and under the same easy support line.

Swift Support

We are a relatively small broadband provider, therefore we can provide quick support in the case of a change or network issue.

Rapid Internet

We can provide broadband of up to a lightning 1Gb/s, ensuring your company has no delays in downloading or uploading content.

Reliable Connectivity

Our professional technicians can setup your internet such that you have a good signal strength wherever you are on your business.

Keep existing numbers

All existing numbers can be ported to our platform. We also have access to a large database of memorable numbers should you wish to purchase one!