Hosting & Backups

Cloud Backups

Bourne Technology offer a range of hosted services such as hosted emails, anti spam, website hosting, virtual server hosting and cloud backup. As we host these services in our own data center, we are able to beat our major competitors on price.

Office 365

Hosting your emails with Bourne Technologies eliminates the need for an on-site Microsoft Exchange server. Your emails will be hosted on a Microsoft Exchange 2013 server with 20GB of storage per mailbox (more storage available upon request).

We only bill per mailbox, meaning you can have as many email address alias' with as many domain names as you like for no additional costs.

If you already have an existing mail provider, we can migrate all your emails across meaning nothing gets lost. If your company doesn't currently have it's own personalised email addresses, we can help you with the whole process from purchasing a domain name to adding the email address to your mobile phones & computer.


If you seem to be spending more time deleting spam emails than replying to legitimate emails, then our hosted spam filter should be able to help.

The main advantage of our spam filter over our competitors is the fact that our spam filter is hosted in the cloud. This means that we catch the spam emails before they even reach your mail server. This will speed up the performance of your mail server (as it won't have to process the junk email) and will significantly reduce the risk of any virus' being let through into your system via email.

We bill per user instead of per mailbox. This keeps the cost as low as possible for you and means you don't get charged for shared mailboxes or distribution groups.

Cloud Server Hosting

We can host your website, shared storage or any virtual servers you may need hosting. We can work with you to find the most cost effient way of moving all your services to the cloud and elimiate the need for any on-site servers.

Regardless of where your existing servers are hosted, we can help with your migration to our cloud servers.

Backup Solutions

Your data can be the most critical part of your company. We can help to make sure that it's protected no matter what.

We can offer both local and offsite backups for computers and servers meaning that if anything were to happen to your data such as a virus, fire, or theft - we would be able to restore it all with a backup solution that we have installed and tested.

Not only do we install these backup solutions, we can also check them on a weekly basis to ensure everything is running as expected and your data remains protected.

We also offer a cloud based backup service stored in our own datacenter. This means we can beat the main providers on price, as well as offer same day local restores if anything were to happen.