Business Telephone Systems

Looking For A New VOIP Provider?

Our VoIP is a fully managed telephone service delivered using next-generation IP technology. It offers lower cost calls between you and your customers, wherever they may be, plus the added benefit of free calls between your offices and other Bourne Technologies VoIP Users.

Low cost calls

Calls to the BT National and International network are at a lower cost than regular phone services.


Spread across multiple sites easily and efficiently, with inter-office extension number dialling as standard.

Never miss a call

If a destination is unreachable, calls can be forwarded to your personal voicemail box, or follow you to your mobile device.

Easy to use

Our VoIP services are 'plug and go' with pre-configured phones shipped the next day.


Our VoIP network is geographically resilient and monitored 24/7.

Keep existing numbers

All existing numbers can be ported to our platform. We also have access to a large database of memorable numbers should you wish to purchase one!

Features Of Hosted VOIP:

Our VoIP Phone System offers many features and is highly configured for most business requirements. Perfect for small, medium and large sized businesses; Bourne Technologies offers VoIP services in the UK for all requirements, we tailor each installation specifically to your needs.

Here are just a few of the key features of our VoIP Phone System. If you would like to learn more, please get in touch!

Hunt Lists

Group your phones by team or department.

On Hold Music

Keep your callers engaged with Music or Marketing Messages while on hold.


Hold conference calls in virtual meeting rooms and allow calls to join by using a unique PIN number.

Central Phone Book

Managed your phone book online and push it to all of your phones with the click of a button.

Call Recordings

Enable Call Recording On-Demand, or Record all Incoming and Outgoing Calls.


Away from your desk? No problem, we'll send your Voicemail Messages by email!

Professional Recordings

We can arrange for Professional IVR, Voicemail and On-Hold Recordings.

CRM Integration

Our Platform is open to integration with your CRM application.

Is it hard to switch to VOIP?

Not at all! The only tricky part is transferring your telephone number from your old provider – this isn’t hard, but it can take a few weeks – don’t worry, you won’t lose any calls while we switch over!