Managed IT Services

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Two thirds of businesses are now using managed services.

We offer a range of managed services, each suited to liberating your business from employing expensive technical staff.

We can manage your complete IT infrastructure or provide those individual components that your business needs.

We Offer:

Software Coding

Bourne Technologies have been developing software in a variety of languages since 1991. We developed in COBOL and Microsoft C once upon a time. We now design database driven business applications in a varity of languages/platforms as well as 2D graphics design for business development. Mostly we now concentrate on Microsoft C# and .NET technologies to create 2D/3D design applications and business object oriented applications.

We currently develop in C, C++, C#, VB, .NET, VBA (MS Access), Perl, Python and PHP.

We can create bespoke manufacturing systems, taylor many off the shelf packages and write connecting modules to enable your different applications to 'talk' to each other.

Database Building & Support

The heart of your business today, whether large or small, is a central point at which all of the necessary data is stored. Many businesses cannot function without that central data because it has been collated from years of business endeavours, clients, contacts and figures that the business has learned from and thrived on.

Bourne Technologies can help by putting that data to better use in a database system custom built for your needs.